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Mackenzie's Dinosaurs

The creator, founder, and owner behind, Pennsylvania Dinosaurs.


Like many children, at a young age, Mackenzie found a love for dinosaurs. She dreamed of having a dinosaur of her own one day and as she grew, her dream was never forgotten. The love she had for dinosaurs followed her into adulthood and the dream always stayed in the back of her mind.

While attending Danville High School, Mackenzie suffered an injury to her spine, which made her have to rethink her future. It was a hard few years of change, but when she began college, the opportunity to do something extravagant was thrust upon her and she decided to purchase her first dinosaur. And so, Jasper the Raptor was born. (2015).

Not much luck came to her and Jasper, unfortunately, but Mackenzie stayed positive. She took an internship in Los Angeles and when she returned, she was dedicated to making the business work. That's when, a few months later, Mackenzie received the opportunity to bring more of her designs to life and she was sure to take the offer. That's when Romeo, Luci, and Piper joined the team, turning "Jasper the Raptor" officially into "Pennsylvania Dinosaurs."

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