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Mackenzie K.  Wertman

Writer. Author. Screenwriter.

Mackenzie K. Wertman is a graduate of Full Sail University, where she pursued her bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing for Entertainment. She specializes in works of drama, fantasy, and romance. She is also a children's book author. Wertman is signed to Lazy Lion Publishing for her current titles and also to Silverline Comics. She also has various independent credits, including a variety of indy film projects and other published stories, which includes the much-beloved tale: "The Candlelight Inn." Wertman is currently in the process of "breaking into" the film industry with her award-winning screenplays. She also owns an entertainment event business called "Pennsylvania Dinosaurs LLC," which features animatronic dinosaur costumes and puppets of her own design. Wertman also donates her time to caring for and aiding animals of all kinds.



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